2013   While staying in Chicago, I was impressed with the paintings of one painter        

            who sells on the streets.

            Sitting beside and starting a oil painting with a pretty good look.

2014   After returning to Japan, starting activities as a painter.

            Get great support from street sales and web sales.

2016   Establish own website.

            We receive a lot of exhibition offer from overseas and domestic.

2017   We are looking for support at cloudfunding site (CAMP FIRE) for overseas      

            exhibition. Patron 51 people

            Get support of about 10,000 usd

            (It was unusual and maximum amount of support among oil painter)

2017   ArtExpo NewYork

2017   Venice Biennale TERADA Award Exhibition

2017   Discover the one JAPANESE Art in PARIS

2018   Japan Return exhibition at Tokyo Art Theater

2018   Cloud Funding 2nd

   Assistance total over 30,000 usd

            Patron 81 people

            Among the painters who performed cloud funding, they achieved a reputation

            of Japan's highest amount.

2018   Art fair held under the Louvre Museum

            Salon Art Shopping - KOH - Exhibition of a special booth decided

2019  KOH Exhibition at TOKYO  Kristal & Glam Gallery

2019  KOH Exhibition at OSAKA Holbein Gallery

2019   In Spain's World Heritage Santiago de Compostela

Eugenio Fernandez Granell Decision to exhibit works at the Foundation Art Museum

2019  KOH Exhibition at TOKYO   Kristal & Glam Gallery

2020  KOH Exhibition at Hotel Grand Nikko TOKYO  Gallery21

2021  "STARS" Two man Exhibition 2021 at PEACEis Gallery TOKYO